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Perp Walk
From the album Blood and Treasure

At the precinct station
Or on the courthouse steps
Public viewing, checking out the arrest
Pull that T-shirt up over your head
Cameras and questions
Make you  wish you were dead

     They say I'm guilty but maybe I'm not
     I'll take the odds with the friends that I got
     Doing the crime or just talking that talk
     Perp walk

We heard your story, we think you're a liar
Gonna break your spirit
Hold your feet to the fire
You might be a sinner or you might be a saint
Whether you done it or whether you ain't

Media frenzy railroadin’ your ass
We're ready to bargain
But you better move fast
Your chin's up high now
Got your pride showing
That won't much matter
In the place you're going


© Last Warning Music. All Rights Reserved.
From the CD Blood & Treasure (RDTN 5909)

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