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Don't Get Me Started
(P. Mark)
From the album Blood and Treasure

We never talk any more
You don't return my calls
Then on the street
Your smile is much too polite
I tremble in disbelief

     Don't get me started
     No, don't get me started
     'Cuz it just won't stop

Then when I'm out with my friends
They ask again and again
Where could she be?
Don't she know we're all here?
I wish you'd never been part of me

     Now each and every day begins the same way
     Raise the shade, take a breath and I'm OK
     But there's a fuse down below
     Just waiting for a spark
     It's just waiting and I can't stand it

I go out with new friends
Try starting all over again
Then I hear your name
They say she's got another man
The rage grabs hold of my soul


© Last Warning Music. All Rights Reserved.
From the CD Blood & Treasure (RDTN 5909)

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