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It Was You Who Changed
From the album Go Big or Go Home

I was living clean once
I had my head on straight
But now I'm in the barrooms daily
Smoking three packs a day

I may look different now
But when all the arguments are through
I step back and look at myself
One thing I know is true:
It wasn't me who changed
Honey it was you

I once had loads of money
I walked the streets with pride
Now I'm ragged and lonely
People just walk on by

Now all my friends and relations
They all look away when I walk into the room
They nod their heads but I know they ain't believing
When I try to explain the truth
That it wasr1' t me who changed
Honey It was you

I used to roll straight sevens
With you by my side
Now my luck's gone south
Police are giving me the eye

That crystal ball was lying
When it said my life would be trouble-free
Now even that gypsy woman
Slams the door at the sight of me
But it wasn't me who changed
Honey it was you

I used to build for the future
I had our plans well-laid
But now the nest egg's gone
So is the promise you made

I was wrong about you
And for that I'm a damaged man
Deep inside I'm true to myself
But no one else seems to understand
That it wasn't me who changed
Honey it was you

The world may say I'm lying
That bitterness got the best of me
But when somebody does the same to you
Deep in your heart that day you'll see
That it wasn't me who changed
Honey it was you

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