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Everything Is Nothing
From the album Blood and Treasure

The Redwood Forest, that’s just a patch of sticks
The Taj Mahal, that's nothing but a stack of bricks
And today's headlines, sure sounds like old news
Everything is nothing after you

The Mona Lisa, she's just a schoolboy's sketch
War and Peace, that's just a scribbled-down mess
And Pavarotti at the Met?
That's just a high school revue
Everything is nothing after you

I hit the Vegas strip, I wouldn't go twice
I  ran with the Wall St. Bears
That's just punks rolling dice   
Been to Monte Carlo, that's just bingo and booze
Everything is nothing after you

I had tea with the queen, she's nothing but a soccer mom
I met the President, he's just a white-collar con
I sat down with the Pope, I drank with smarter dudes
      back in school
Everything is nothing after you


© Last Warning Music. All Rights Reserved.
From the CD Blood & Treasure (RDTN 5909)

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