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Don't Be Doing Like I Do
From the album Go Big or Go Home

Well that little baby of mine
She’s fine most of the time
But once in a while she gets where
   she don’t buy my song
Starts asking questions like, “Where you been”,
   “Where’d you meet her?” and
   “How long has this thing been going on?”
Now I don’t mind curiosity
And I explain it all as best I can
But there are times when she don’t get the message
And I have to tell her all over again

I say, I spend my days at the racetrack
Evenings I keep appointments in the bars
In between I roam around the streets of this town
In a long black Cadillac car
If I’m out on the roam and late getting home
I wouldn’t let it bother you
Just do as I say, don’t be doin’ like I do

Now when I get home I wanna find you alone
Got no need for company round here
And if you’re heading downtown
Just keep your eyes to the ground
Don’t want no man pulling your ear
Well, it’s different for me, I’m a man of means
And I can’t afford to be rude
Just do as I say, don’t be doin’ like I do

It was late one evening
In the not too distant past
I wandered in late after business way ‘cross town
And being so late at night
I didn’t bother with the lights
I just came in and laid my weary head on down
Now there comes a time in every man’s lide
When things are going so right
That you ought to stop…and take a good look around
See when I reach across the pillow
For a little tender loving care
My woman was nowhere to be found

Now it’s been six long weeks
And as many lonely nights
Since my baby packed her blanket and gone
It was hard for a while
But grieving’s not my style
Now I’m singing that same old song
Just the same if you’re looking
   for a long-term woman
I’ve got some advice for you
Just do as I say boys, don’t be doin’ like I do

© Last Warning Music. All rights reserved.

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