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I'm Going Blind
From the album Metropolitan Swamp

I’m going blind
I can’t believe my own eyes
I said, “I saw you out with another man”
She says “I was at work all the time”

I’m going blind
I must be losing my mind
I said “You’re out till four in the morning”
She says “I was with you all the time”

She goes to work in the morning
Says she’s gonna catch a bus
I watch a candy-colored Cadillac
Stop and pick her up
I’m going blind
That woman’s messing with my mind
I said “I got a problem with that bus you’re riding”
She says “Why? He comes right on time”

You ought to see her fill the wagon
Down at the grocery store
She throws a wink to the manager
And walks right out the door
I’m going blind
She didn’t pay a doggone dime
I said “What kind of money are you using, honey?
She says “Oh, the manager’s and old friend of mine”

© Last Warning Music. All Rights Reserved.
From the CD Metropolitan Swamp (RDTN 5801)

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