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The Trip We Never Made
From the album Metropolitan Swamp

They say for every place you visit
There’s a hundred you never see
That old saying somehow seems so cruel
You never asked for much
My only gift was trust
You’d get to see it all one day

I try only to make promises
I know that I can keep
But baby there’s exceptions to every rule
With so many years gone by
It’s time I apologized
For the trip we never made

   Paris, English castles, Rome, Ancient Greece
   So many places we were gonna see
   As the years fall away
   Those dreams begin to fade
   Like the pictures in your travel magazines

I once stood with the world
Stretched out in front of me
Now it all seems so far away
One lesson life will teach
Is that some dreams are out of reach
Like the trip we never made

Sometimes the things I wanted most in life
Where the things I didn’t need
Maybe baby, for you it’s the same
It’s something you might think about
‘Cuz for now we’ll have to do without
The trip we never made

    There’s always next year…
    For the trip we never made

© Last Warning Music. All Rights Reserved.
From the CD Metropolitan Swamp (RDTN 5801)

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