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Who Don't I.O.
From the album Metropolitan Swamp

I.O. my dad for school money
I spent it all on gin
I.O. my dear sweet mother
For breaking the news to him
I.O. my sister for meals
I.O. my brother for clothes
I’m truly indebted to my family
Man, who don’t I.O.?

I.O. the bank for my car
I.O. Exxon for gas
I.O. the local police
For driving a little too fast
I.O. the corner garage
For giving me a tow
My license plate reads “BROKE AGN”
Cuz’ man, who don’t I.O.?

I.O. my landlord for rent
I.O. Con Ed for heat
But there’s ice on my stove
And the roof always leaks
I called a lawyer for help
But he just hung up the phone
When he asked if I was paying my bills
I said, “Man, who don’t I.O.?”

I.O. my Visa card
For charges I can’t recall
I.O. my shrink for the sessions
That helped me remember it all
I.O. my health insurance man
For stamping my claim with a “No”
“We don’t cover that kind of thing, son”
Man, who don’t I.O.?

I.O. my bookie big time
For a horse that didn’t pay
I.O. Amtrak for the ticket
Taking me out of harm’s way
I.O. the judge six months
For rubber checks I wrote
He called it my debt to society
I said, “Your honor, who don’t I.O.?”

I.O. Uncle Sam
For taxes on my bets
I.O. the gas tax, the liquor tax, the cigarette tax
I.O. the tax on my unemployment check
You best check your wallet mister
You may be next, I don’t know
But hey, my credit’s the best in town
I mean, who don’t I.O.?

© Last Warning Music. All Rights Reserved.
From the CD Metropolitan Swamp (RDTN 5801)

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