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Believing The Truth
From the album Disposable Soul

I was a fool to believe
What the man on the TV was telling me
And I was crazy to take heed
When he newspaper said what would be

But I must’ve been completely out of my mind
To believe that woman
When she said
You’re the only one for me

Now the newspapers, I don’t read a word
And I set the TV right out on the curb
And I walked out of that woman’s life
For the very last time
You may say I stepped too far
But how long can you live in the dark
Today I start believing the truth

      Take away a man’s eyes
      And the colors won’t disappear
      Take away a man’s ears
      And the bells will still ring clear
      But if you take away the one thing
      The one thing that lets him believe
      It’ll bring him right down to his knees

All that talking on the streets
That’s got nothing to do with me
What people say will never match what they do
I’ve made up my mind
Can’t lead my whole life blind
Today I start believing the truth

Now if I had a chance
To walk through this life again
If I had a chance to win back all I was destined to lose
Somehow it would all turn out the same
How much could I really change?
Today I start believing the truth

© Last Warrning Music. All Rights Reserved.
From the CD Disposable Soul (RDTN 5821)

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