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Whatever Happened To Memphis
From the album Disposable Soul

Who’s job is it
To save this city’s soul?
I’d do it myself but they say son, do as your told
In a wrecking ball world a man’s no more than a stone
They’re putting up tombs and expecting us to call them home

      Is it the times we live in
      Or are people to blame
      I seen it all swallowed in a city of flames
      Whatever happened to Memphis

Who’s job is it
To keep the king’s name safe?
There’s much more to it than museums and holidays
Step right up, before the fumes get too strong
They remember the voice but no one remembers the song

      I thought I heard freedom ring
      Down on Highway 61
      But something went wrong
      The sound of a gun
      Whatever happened to Memphis

Who’s gonna stand up
And break this city’s hold?
I’d do it myself but my feet have gone stone cold

      Whether it’s marching on Main Street
      Or laying down a song
      There’s a way to do it right
      And a way to do it wrong
      Whatever happened to Memphis?

© Last Warrning Music. All Rights Reserved.
From the CD Disposable Soul (RDTN 5821)

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