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Prison Of One
From the album Disposable Soul

I live, live in a prison of one
With walls, walls only I can see
I live in a prison built from dreams
Dreams of a world that I’ll never see
Yeah I live
Live in a prison of one

I sleep, sleep ‘neath a heaven so cold
On a bed, a bed made of desert sand
I sleep in a desert ‘neath a sky so cold
The world you crave is a world you can’t hold
Yeah I sleep, sleep ‘neath a desert so cold

      Every winter has its summer
      Every darkness leads to day
      But I got a raging emptiness
      That pulls like a ball and chain

I ride, ride down the highway alone
With no sign, no signs but the light of the moon
I ride down a highway that whistles and moans
My final destination unknown
Yeah I ride, ride down a highway alone

I live, live in a prison of one

© Last Warrning Music. All Rights Reserved.
From the CD Disposable Soul (RDTN 5821)

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