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Pushing Papers, Counting Beans
From the album IndigoVertigo

You say you want it today?
The line forms over there
There ain’t enough salt in the ocean
For me to begin to care
My day is chock full of nothing
A busy schedule to keep
Pushing papers and counting beans

You got an order from who?
That name’s a mystery to me
The wheels of progress move downhill
When my palm is greased
You want a taste of the fruit?
You gotta water the tree
Pushing papers and counting beans

You say you got a hard deadline?
I suggest you find a plan B
I’m doing the work of two people
And finding excuses for three
You want to talk to my manager?
His lunch break lasts till three
Pushing papers and counting beans

The clock on the wall is my captain
Victory is a five o’clock retreat
My contract says that your problem
Is grounds for a flying leap
I’m working double time at half speed
The wages of sin are green
Pushing papers and counting beans

© Last Warning Music. All Rights Reserved.
From the CD IndigoVertigo (RDTN 5891)

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