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She's Writing a Book
From the album IndigoVertigo

She keeps a notebook of true crime
But never says who’s to blame
A guided tour through the grapevine
Where all the names have been changed
You’re just a character study
Another promise she took
She’s writing a book

Her eyes are fired by a sales tick
Or a quotable blurb
You’re a recurring topic
On her promotional tour
The plot is thoroughly modern
Her facts read just like the truth
She’s writing a book 

            Your spirit lives on
            In writing that’s wrong

A working woman of letters
She only writes what she knows
Agents quote her advances
Professors vie for her notes
Cries for a sequel rise up from
The little world that she shook
She’s writing a book

            Your spirit lives on
            In writing that’s wrong

Her jacket photo’s been airbrushed
Don’t take her bio as fact
You’re just a stone that she stepped on
Along the kiss-and-tell fast track
Another heartbreak she fed on
A flame to juice her reviews
She’s writing a book

© Last Warning Music. All Rights Reserved.
From the CD IndigoVertigo (RDTN 5891)

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