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Wholly Rollin'
From the album Trick Fiction

Holy darkness, holy light
Holy visions, holy night
Holy stories, holy tales
Holy fishes, holy whales

It don’t matter if you’re in a crowd
Or standing all alone
You’re holy/wholly on your own

Holy borders, holy lands
Holy rivers, holy lines in the sand
Holy cities, holy streets
Holy shepherds fleecing holy sheep

Holy heaven, holy bells
Holy music, holy hell
Holy prophets, holy fools
Holy children off to holy schools

 Holy ceiling, holy floor
Holy soldiers guarding holy doors
Holy blessing, holy curse
Holy terror, holy chapter and verse 

Holy mystery, holy books
Holy castles for holy crooks
Holy idols, holy cows
Holy mackerel, holy and how


© Last Warning Music. All Rights Reserved.
From the CD Trick Fiction (RDTN 5899)

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