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From the album Trick Fiction

Round every corner there’s a plot to bring you down
Deception’s in the details, double-dealing’s all over town
You might say I’m crazy, but your eyes just don’t see
Round every corner I smell conspiracy

The mailman reads my letters
The state’s tapped into my phone
The landlord goes through my house whenever I’m not home
There’s something in the water
And slow poison in my food
I tried calling the police but they’re in on it too

There’s a camera every corner and a mic in every room
They’re drilling beneath the sidewalk, I can feel it in my shoes
People say I’m crazy but their eyes just don’t see
Round every corner I smell conspiracy

There are eyes in the night sky
And forces that can kill
My kids are eying my wallet
And my wife’s asking about my will
People say I’m crazy, but that’s part of what’s killing me
Round every corner I smell conspiracy


© Last Warning Music. All Rights Reserved.
From the CD Trick Fiction (RDTN 5899)

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