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Frito's, BBQ & Scotch
From the album Trick Fiction

When my wife went home to her mother
Boys I turned it up a notch
Seven days living on nothing but
Fritos, BBQ and scotch

They say the stuff will kill you
But you know that’s a crock
No medicine works better than
Fritos, BBQ and scotch

She called me up on day one, asking how are things at home
I said no need to hurry back, I got plenty going on
On day three she asks who’s there with you, ain’t no use in denying
I asked, how’s your mother, she said now I know your lying
On day five she shouts I’m coming home to cleanse our house of sin
She found me face down on the couch with my three special friends

You might call it cheating, call it l lying but it’s not
The good book’s got no rules about
Fritos, BBQ and scotch

There’s two paths you can walk down
I gave them both a shot
Between paradise and hellfire I choose
Fritos, BBQ and scotch

© Last Warning Music. All Rights Reserved.
From the CD Trick Fiction (RDTN 5899)

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