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Extraordinary Measures
From the album Blood and Treasure

I'll paint you a picture
Of a land far away
Never been there myself
But who's checking these days?
Got no knack for color or line but when
It's finished they'll all say
He's done it again

     Extraordinary times mean extraordinary measures
     Morning coffee is stirred with blood and treasure
     We'll claim to see diamonds in a handful of dirt
     And keep the light from all our dreams

I'll sing you a song
About a tribal rainmaker
Don't know anyone like that
But I do read the papers
When the chorus comes round
We'll all sing out as one
And though clouds are a mystery
You'll see how it's done

I'll write you a story
About a fine little war
Though I never marched in battle
Or fired a gun before
And when victory's behind us
And the doubters  proved wrong
We'll explain to our children
How we were right all along

I'll build you a castle
Of words and ideas
That only the righteous and the lonely can hear
We'll leave our doors wide open
For those without ears
For without the faithless we sure wouldn't be here


© Last Warning Music. All Rights Reserved.
From the CD Blood & Treasure (RDNT 5909)

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