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Waiting Round For You
From the album Gravity

We were supposed to meet this morning
I was gonna take you on a cruise
Now I'm alone on a slow boat
Got nothing better to do

You left me all by myself
Missing you and your fine self
I'm so tired of waiting round for you

Last Sunday was gonna be special
We's supposed to meet by the merry-go-round
Wound up just me on a park bench
Watching the sun go down


Every morning down on the corner
That bus never seems to arrive
At night sleep never stops at my bedside
Just like you, nothing's showing up on time

A table for two round the corner
You said you'd be a little late
Ended up just me and Moe the bartender
Closing up the place


Now here I am on that slow boat
Making new plans (for us) to get away
Arm in arm, you'll be right there with me
Gonna be different than today



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