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From the album Gravity

"If like you said lady your dad was reed man
in the Broadway pits for all those years
Then a trip across the divide was just one more sleepwalk
after his morning breakfast
Anyway there he was, patch pockets, horned rims, crushed fedora
We spotted him pretty easy
He wasn't lost, he wasn't fussing, he wasn't bothering nobody

“Just one more bird in a room of slow travelers
Holding on tight to a lottery ticket, three twenties
and a racing form
‘Ya know mister we been searching North Jersey all afternoon for you’
He just stared silent up at the big board,
minding the late handicaps

“A lone heart will rise to meet the strongest river
When tomorrows are all looking like today
He must've caught the Decamp line
And crossed the Hudson to the city
He wasn't alone, looked like he's right at home
Right there on 9th Avenue
Lincoln Tunnel OTB"


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