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You Can Take It With You
From the album Gravity

They got E-ZPass in heaven, you just fly right through the gates
The only question Peter asks is, “How come boy you're late?”
All the men there carry golf clubs, poker chips and power tools
The women sport diamond earrings and smart Italian shoes

So I found god's corner office
And tugged on upon his hem
I asked how come heaven's chock full of stuff
Thought I'd never see again?
He said…

'Cuz you can take it with you when you go
You ask me why they do it, I sure as hell don't know
They drag up to high heaven all that garbage from below
‘Cuz you can, yes you can, take it with you when you go
Now you can take it with you when you go

Now on every wall in heaven there's an oversized TV
Everybody wears a Rolex and owns beachfront property
God took me by the halo and walked me round the grounds
I could tell he wasn't too happy about
All the sport trucks driving 'round

God said, “For a while I took the high road
And all earthly goods were banned
But then admissions fell right off the charts
So we had to rethink the plan


So how’s about those heavenly virgins
I thought I's supposed to meet?
God said, “That's just a rumor, son – we could never afford their fees”
God looked over the heavenly treasures,
and every item was store-bought
He said, “If this is paradise, son, then I'm an astronaut”

Then he grabbed a large white suitcase
Floated off and waved his hand
He said, “I'm off to get in on the ground floor
Of a start-up promised land

“Because you can take it with you when you go
My old ideas of heaven just won't fly round here no more
I once thought I'd stoop to help 'em
Now I just wanna blow
Cuz you can, yes you can, take it with you when you go
And I can, and I will, take it with me when I go”

Then a choir of angels chimed in…



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