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Con Man VIP
From the album Gravity

Blustering down the boulevard in a fact-free cloud
High-horse red carpet
Tossing nickels to the crowd
Check it mister
The whole planet's lookin' at me

I'm a daddy-made millionaire
On a catch and kill spree
Tin-pot titan spouting snake-oil repartee
Look out mister
I'm a con man VIP

Flimflam fingers four-flushing on the fly
It’s the art of the swindle and the craft of denial
Mirrors all around me, and mister I like what I see
My kids say they all love me but they lie worse than me

Gold medal grifter with a bankruptcy crown
I'd mortgage my own mother if she wasn't in the ground
Check your wallet, son
I'm a con man VIP


The devil's directing traffic he won't let you forget
Every mile towards heaven runs up a mountain of debt
Buckle up sucker, this ride's all about me
I'll set ya free
Hey I'm driving


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