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Wrong Pair of Shoes
From the album Blood and Treasure

I'd waltz through a den of lions
Just to prove that my love for you is true
For you I would cross the midday desert
Swim across the salty sea blue

I'd face down the world's wildest army
And brand them a yellow pack of fools
I most certainly would, but today is no good
See I'm wearing the wrong pair of shoes

I'd slog through the swamps of Louisiana
High step through the muddy delta too
Stand tall in Macy's front window
And profess my unending love for you

I'd parade up the steps of St. Joseph's
And tell the padre he's got something to do
I'll pledge my solemn vow, but tomorrow not now
'Cuz I'm wearing the wrong pair of shoes

No mountain's beyond my ambition
Just knowing that you are at the top
No marathon's beyond my condition
My thirst for you just won't stop

I'd give you everything and tomorrow
But I fear a fashion faux pas
We'll walk like lovers do
But today it's no can do
I'm wearing the wrong pair of shoes

Forever you’ll be mine, can we do it another time?
I’m wearing the wrong pair of shoes


© Last Warning Music. All Rights Reserved.
From the CD Blood & Treasure (RDTN 5909)

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