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Gravity Is Failing
From the album Gravity

Have you heard? Gravity is failing

It's in the papers…Don't act so surprised
You think we're all somehow bound to this earth?
Well that's just one of those everyday lies

It's a fact, gravity is failing
Look about…You can't miss the signs
Observe how the fallen now rise with ease!
And how ladders are so much easier to climb

Everybody! Hold fast
Everybody! Hold on here
Tie your desk, your dog, your child, to a tree
Else rue the day when they all levitate and disappear…

Waltz on strangers
To the music of the spheres
Sway towards the heavens
Which way is that from here?

All that's new under the sun
Are ghosts in a hall of mirrors
We live, die, then revive
And waltz the Vale of Tears

It's common knowledge: gravity is failing
It's an idea whose time has arrived
Birds flail about like drunks
Elephants struggle with their trunks
And weighty things float like feathers towards the sky

Everybody! Hold fast
Everybody! Hold on here
You're convinced your feet are well-grounded
But once aloft you and your kin will have other ideas…


The matter is settled, Gravity is failing
You'd be a fool to say it's a lie
Schoolboys deny it
But the shrewd, we all buy it!
Oh, don't let science fool you this time…


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