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December at the P.O.
From the album December at the P.O.

The cruelest month is December
Nevermind what ole' Tom wrote
For an all-night mail sorter
Down at the P.O.

Keep the freight running, and the lines humming
Tie them bags up with good cheer
Yule greetings off to someplace
A long ways from here

Sleet, snow and zip codes, bulk mail, parcel post
Holidays haunted by Ben Franklin’s ghost

Sanitation truck snow plows
Toss the memories from the street
And my once-winter’s romance
That failed New Year’s Eve

Another overtime Sunday
It’s an 18-hour shift
And a trick knee that blew out
On a Black Friday’s lift

And that renaissance Jesus
A million mercies that are just passing through...
We’ll drink in the new year
Once this blizzard blows through

Chorus -


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