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Animal Cruelty
From the album Stowaways

You thought by now you knew to walk on by
Those caged, wounded eyes
Then a flash, and again they've hooked you
They fill that hole deep inside
You take them home, and before you've set the room
They're asleep across the bed
You lay down beside and bide your time
To confess how wrong you've been
Why is sleep so important?
Why must animals be so cruel?

You provide a home, a castle
And routines they hold so dear
And then they spend the night moon-howling
Afraid it all might disappear
They scratch the earth towards nothing
Then flash their teeth when you interfere
And on the boulevard they lash out
At threats all misconstrued
Then retreat to your forgiving hand
Why must animals be so cruel?

And when they leave
You'll try to make a stand
But all your masks will fail
Another muse, another master
Leads them off down darkened trails
Years away one riddle just won't quit
How you still love them so true
It's devotion then desertion
Devotion then desertion
Why must animals be so cruel?

And their farewell eyes say, “Don't you cry,
It all happened to me once too…
O'er the hill you'll find another”
Why must animals be so cruel?

O'er the hill you'll find another
Why must animals be so cruel?


© Last Warning Music. All Rights Reserved.
From the CD Stowaways by Paul Mark & the Van Dorens.

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