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Interesting Times
From the album Stowaways

Good people of the jury I commend you
Your patience nearly exceeds my own
Go wise but wary toward deliberations
Behold the world, then send the accused home

In the dock stands neither devil nor angel
Like any beast, brimming with truth and lies
Let us recall what this land was built on
That each be judged in accordance with their times

Say your prayers but don't forget your reason
God's like a cop, he's never around when you need him
Tomorrow's virtue may today seem a crime
Thank fortune you were born in interesting times

Bloody facts can turn the mind towards vengeance
Mais tout comprendre c'est tout pardonner
Together we'll move mankind one step forward
Think only of law, don't let justice get in our way



© Last Warning Music. All Rights Reserved.
From the CD Stowaways by Paul Mark & the Van Dorens.

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