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How Do the Blind Become So Famous?
From the album Stowaways

Just between us, because I trust you
Let me ask, how do the blind become so famous?
They claim they've seen it all
No fact too large or small
Truth be told they can't even find the door

At the crosswalk they click their silly canes 
Offer an arm and they dismiss you with disdain 
How can the deformed, the sightless, parade so proud and righteous?
To those with eyes the injustice is so plain

Let's raise a glass to those left on the outside 
Forever silent, forever nameless 
To the millions aghast at the theater
Muted witness to the horror on life's stage 
Condemned to suffer through the antics of the few
Someone tell me how do the blind become so famous?

I am never so bedeviled, vexed, speechless
As when I wonder, how do the deaf become so famous?
Oh they pretend they’ve heard
But they miss every other word
Then lecture on about cruelty and beauty

They go on endlessly about symphonies
Despite the absence of one good clue
If for a moment their ears
Were miraculously cleared
They'd hear the peddlers snickering all around them

- Chorus -

Try to imagine pigs could fly
Or that dogs could learn to drive
Suppose that chimps somehow were winning elections
What if a bear could solo on trombone?
Or answer the telephone?
Why it makes a mockery of natural selection

I am humble, I know my limitations
So it's fair to ask...how do the dull become so famous?
They flash across the screen, show up in magazines
You’d think stupidity was their sole qualification
They can't tell crap from Christmas, can't tell left from right
Put on the spot they know not king from queen nor rook from knight
They spout as revelation the tritest observation
Then scan the horizon like peacocks of genius

- Chorus -


© Last Warning Music. All Rights Reserved.
From the CD Stowaways by Paul Mark & the Van Dorens.



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