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Stow Away
From the album Stowaways

There's a cold cruel current swirls the seven seas
It always steers you back from whence you came
Noah sailed not for divine accord
But to simply get away

The midnight chimes claim that all is well
City clocks strike loudest when they're wrong
Stow away with me 'neath the stars tonight
And we'll drift as one at dawn

Stow away
Stow away with me
The moon will guide our flight
Stow away
Stow away with me
We sail at morning light

The turnstiles at the factory
Won't count our steps any more
The clerks have won the battle
But we shall win the war 

Off the stern the steeples and the docks recede
A desperate carnival of charlatans and heirs
Mark the maps and careers, they flutter up then disappear
Like the crows on Highway 9

- Chorus -

So toss off your notebooks and cast away your prayers
Pack only your canvases and songs
We'll  master the waves, forty nights and days
Till the tides shift and send us back where we belong

- Chorus -


© Last Warning Music. All Rights Reserved.
From the CD Stowaways by Paul Mark & the Van Dorens.

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