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40 Ft. of Rope
From the album Smartest Man in the Room


Whistling Dixie past the bone yard
40 feet of rope in my hand
911 off the hook in your head  
How many bells can you stand?
Sing a song of 6 cents
Cover up your eyes
4 and 20 magpies
Baking up a lie
You know the world's been wrong before
     Engine's out the window
     Look out below
     That gasket looked like a winner
     But now it's leaking sorta slow
15 lilies on a dead man's chest
40 feet of rope in a tree
76 trombones through the eye of a needle
Blowing Nearer My God to Thee
A hanging judge reads a 12-step sentence
To a jury of 8 and 4
It takes 88 keys to unchain my heart
Since daddy lost the store
But the world's been wrong before
4 score and 20 grifters
Backslapping on the senate floor
40 feet of rope daisy-chains their hands
To a safe behind the door
25 plaid-blue jumpers
Double-Dutching by the Central Park Zoo  
Singing 2-4-6 we're all god's tricks  
Until he calls in the loan
But the world's been wrong before


© Last Warning Music. All Rights Reserved.
From the CD Smartest Man in the Room (RDTN 5929)

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