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U Must Come 2
From the album Smartest Man in the Room


Sold off my possessions  
Sold off everything I own
Got a one-way ticket  
To a place nobody knows
There's just one thing, you must do
Honey u must come 2
Broke off all connections
Broke of all the binds that tie
One too many deceptions
Gonna leave all that behind
But there's just one thing, babe, you must do
U must come 2
     It's a town without reason, so mister I'm leaving
     Too much talk, not enough breathing
     Down the avenue somewhere  
     There's a corner only two can share
     And no one…
Left the keys on the table
Left my so-called friends behind
Tell the bank to sue me
Where I'm headed, those fools'll never find
There's just one thing you must do
U must come 2
One day when it's over
One day when it's all been washed away
They'll be writing books about it
How the smart ones walked away
And there's just one thing, babe you must do
U must come 2

© Last Warning Music. All Rights Reserved.
From the CD Smartest Man in the Room (RDTN 5929)

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