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Raise The Roof
From the album Blood and Treasure

You might refuse a helping hand
You might wave off the hand that feeds you
Just to prove that you can

Mapping out your legend far as you can see
Crossing your I's and dotting all your T's
It may look fine on paper
But how's it ever gonna happen without
Someone like me?

     How you gonna raise the roof
     Without stone love down below
     How you gonna raise the roof
     If you ain't got stone love down below

You might be true to the vision in your eye
There ain't a cage that could hold you
That could keep this bird from its flight

But when the world gets wise
And starts to break you down
Slings and arrows drag you back to the ground
Your soul is hurting
And all that's left is pride
You're gonna need someone to stand with you
Someone by your side


© Last Warning Music. All Rights Reserved.
From the CD Blood & Treasure (RDTN 5909)

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