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"...An American music jamboree…Mark dazzles the listener with both his musical prowess and scintillating lyrics…Mark’s piano descends back and forth, creating a vibe of cheery demolition… Oh, so cool."

Cassandra King, MusicExistence

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"...Superb production value here… In a dozen decadently melodic tunes, Mark reminds us that Americana is far from dead… definitely one of my favorite new LPs..."

Garth Thomas, Hollywood Digest

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"What a wordsmith!...It’s as if [Mark]’s shaking his head, shrugging his shoulders and bemoaning, `Anyone else see what’s really going on?`…All the tracks on `Gravity` are exceptional."

Mark Druery, IndieShark Music Magazine

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"...Mark’s sense of storytelling is second to none…A jazzy backdrop that could fit in yesteryear or a bizarre Twilight Zone episode…Mark’s take on it all is just a remarkably fun and Twain-like perception."

Nicole Killian, MobCity

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"There’s an honesty behold in this record that you don’t find everyday anymore…This is pop/rock for grownups…One of the most well-rounded offerings [Mark’s] ever recorded."

Jodi Marxbury, Daily Pop News

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"...Mark’s exceptional piano skills and ingenious lyrics give each song a uniqueness. All at once, the listener is warped into this melodious, parlor-like atmosphere…Wonderfully-crafted “I Spin You Grin” is the result of a musician that has complete control over his art…his love letter to NYC…Quite the musician and more importantly, a true artistic story teller."

Zachary Rush, Indie Music Reviews

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...Soundtracks just waiting for films...["Gravity"] will bring nothing less than Oscar-worthy characters and scenarios to your gratefully-ignited imagination...Utterly original..."Gravity" is a musical tent revival..."

- Greg Victor, Parcbench.live

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"...An old-timey soundtrack to a Nickelodeon…A play-by-play to the absurd state of affairs…`Con Man VIP’ steals the show…the stuff Arlo Guthrie started…Mark takes the baton and amplifies it… an important voice in the music scene.

Bethany Page, Vents Magazine

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"...Mark is brutally honest…A profound offering…One of the best indie LPs I’ve heard this summer."

Ann Hollister, The Indie Source

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"...The epitome of cool…a voice that could stop a moving train…full to the brim with flavor and characters…Hauntingly beautiful. "

Mindy McCall, IndiePulse Music

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“One of the most eclectic and avant-garde artists on the contemporary scene...Bittersweet, honest, and humorous.

Sheryl/Don Crow, Nashville Blues Society

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“Compelling...Lyrics that are smart, gritty and so specific that they become a short story all on their own…A composition that oozes tender nostalgia.”

Greg Victor, Parcbench.live

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“A dazzling cover… Mark’s weather–worn, brooding vocal gives the song an edge that the original doesn’t have...Mark makes it his own.”

- Graham Clarke, Blues Bytes 

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“A highly original artist...Exceptional production…Adds layers of brooding to the original and successfully straddles the past and the present.”

- Greg Victor, Parcbench.live

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A cool re-vamping of the Yardbirds 1965 single…Blues-meets-Ennio-Morricone…A must-hear.”

Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society

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"Positively Vaudevillian…Mark [on Stowaways] seems entrapped in his storytelling, as if he is an indentured servant of the piano…As thoroughly dark Americana as something from the murky depths of a Lomax compilation."

- Jack Tully, Elmore Magazine

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Stowaways, #7 on list of 50 Best Albums of 2016

David McGee, Deep Roots Magazine

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"[Stowaways is] so spot-on beautiful, so cockeyed and true...Mark is a master storyteller so insightful and empathetic you'd swear he has been reading your mail."

- Frank De Blase, City Newspaper

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"[Stowaways] is definitely one you're going to have to sit down and listen to… Aimed for the brain and heart… With letter perfect form and atmosphere, no overkill, no understatement…Nothing but draughtsman-like precision…Stowaways [is] one of the best of 2015… a missed masterpiece… That needs to change."

- Mark S. Tucker, Veritas Vampirus

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"Brings to mind a risqué, rabble-rousing vaudeville theater performance, with Mark bellowing his biting lyrics like a bawdy burlesque actor…On Stowaways, Mark again displays his knack for making retro music sound ravishing."

Mark Suppanz, The Big Takeover

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You are in for the discovery of a lifetime…One listen to [Stowaways] and you’ll recognize more truth in a single song than in most other artist’s entire catalogues…Brave, bold, mysterious and so worth exploring.

- Greg Victor, Parc Bench

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"Stowaways is an unflinching album from an uncompromising artist."

- Bob Silvestri, Best of WNY.com

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"…A beautifully packaged album… [on Stowaways] you feel the grit and pollution in [Mark's] songs and you know in your heart he speaks the truth…It works its way into you, and you’ll find yourself listening to it again and again."

- Laura Sedor, Elmore Magazine

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Mark creates his own sardonic cabaret on Stowaways…Walking into a bar with a piano player in the corner, ignoring him at first until his songs start creeping into your consciousness and you find yourself paying more attention to him than drinks and conversation…Mark is that fantasy come to life.”

- Michael Tolland, Blurt

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“Mark sinks his teeth into another body of work and, vampire-like, comes at us fully refreshed. The multi-talented multi-instrumentalist ...sidesteps from the rock’n’roll/blues stage and thrusts us into a Victorian-era music hall ...The highlight is his fascinating version of the “Ballad of Mack the Knife,” in which he uses a 1976 translation of Brecht/Weill’s The Threepenny Opera with considerable effect."

- Miles Jordan, NewsReview.com

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[Smartest Man in the Room]...Educated, insightful, engaged and enraged…A mercilessly ironic takedown… Attention must be paid, my friends."

David McGee, The Bluegrass Special

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"[Smartest Man in the Room]... A singer, songwriter and guitarist extraordinaire…a house of blues for a thousand corpses…a witch’s brew…gritty, sparse, terse and honest, but with levity and hope to spare."

- Jim Kanavy, American Blues News

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[Smartest Man in the Room]..."Mark's a Dickensian conglomerate of honked-off preacher, university professor turned spooky drunkard…Infectious as a virus..Shake it ‘til you fall down."

- Mark S. Tucker, FAME (Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange)

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"Hard-nosed blues power from one of the genre's most acute observers, [Smartest Man in the Roomis dripping with urban attitude...Uncompromising. In every sense of the word."

- Mark Uricheck, Living Blues Magazine

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Smartest Man in the Room]…Excites you about buying new blues/rock music… Perceptive intelligence and abundant wit… A liberating experience."

- Greg Victor, ParcBench.com

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"Educated, insightful, engaged and enraged, Mark turns up the heat… [Smatest Man in the Room is] a bluesy, relentless, organ-drenched blitzkrieg...

- Deep Roots, #21 on the 2012 Elite Half Hundred

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[Smartest Man in the Room]..."Literally bristles with raw energy... Mark’s gravelly vocals and reverberating guitar power every track... Impressive stuff indeed!"

- Mick Rainsford, Blues in Britain

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[Mirage Cartography] is...a museum piece of what the acoustic guitar was invented for."

- FAME (Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange)

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  "There is real warmth in Paul Mark’s playing and real passion for what he is crafting ...Every [Mirage Cartography] track has a sound of its own, almost a sense of personality...an integrity that many instrumental records just can’t access...[an] extremely talented musician and wonderful composer ...Beautiful work."

- Laura Bethell, Maverick Magazine

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  "Mark paid attention to all aspects of [Mirage Cartography]... One has to admire Mark for making such a huge stylistic switch...His abilities as a guitar player allow him to make each composition interesting...This is the disc you’d want to play on that night where all you want to do is sit in a comfortable chair with your favorite drink..."

- Crossroads Blues Society

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"[Blood & Treasure] is about as diverse and entertaining a record as you'll hear this year"

- WNEW.com, Where Rock Lives

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Blood & Treasure  takes rhythm & blues back home...Paul Mark and his trusty band absolutely nail it with playing that's distinctive and gritty... a positive musical encyclopedia of roots music that sounds and feels contemporary yet somehow sounds from another era...quite an album."

- Toxic Pete, U.K.

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“Mark is one of my favorite songwriters..Blood & Treasure [is] another slice of Mark's hipster wit and storied lyrics swimming in a bluesy swamp… his songs are so well written and personal, they stand alone.”

- Frank DeBlase, City, Rochester NY

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“Mark is one of those rare songwriters whose lyrics will certainly make you think… [Blood & Treasure] can't be pigeonholed into any one category or style, which is a huge part of its appeal. You never know what you might hear or in what style it might be played …a real shot of some tasty ear candy"

- Sheryl & Don Crow, Music City Blues, Nashville TN

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“Paul Mark has the best consecutive lyrics for an entire CD of any one I have heard since… well, when was the last really great lyrical record?... Everything about the CD, Blood and Treasure; the music, the lyrics, and the artwork. Everything is good."

- A1 Artist Spotlight

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“[Blood & Treasure] is the sort of music I always wished to hell the J. Geils Group would have made, gutsy, full-blooded, funky, and virile…Lotta Things to Say swings like a bottle of bourbon in a rolling earthquake...This guy's an interesting character.”

- Mark S. Tucker, FAME

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““Some great music…[Blood & Treasure] was truly a great find for me.””

- Don Zelazny, Americana Roots

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Ear candy worth seeking out: Lotta Things to Say …Southeast Texas/Louisiana flavors flirt with my ears...the main thing is you have to hear the punch lines for yourself!

- Eartaste, U.K.

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“"A great disk, Blood & Treasure is an early favorite for a year- ending “Best of 2009” column. I highly encourage multiple purchases of the record..

- Georgetown Fats, Boston Blues Society

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[Mark’s] music is so diverse and hard to pigeon-hole…finely crafted songs, all beautifully played.”

- Grahame Rhodes, Blues in the Northwest

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[Blood & Treasure] is an unexpectedly exhilarating ruckus-raising ride…Superb.”

- Stu Gibson, Sleazegrinder

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"Mark has a musical vision that extends far beyond his home in New York City. His songwriting ably blends a critical view of life with irreverent humor…Mark has the vocal chops…and his guitar work elevates the proceedings…[Blood & Treasure] should gain some well-deserved attention"

- Blues Society of N. Illinois

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"Blood & Treasure...Electrifying...Exceptional musicianship, witty songwriting, and a unique sound rooted in blues."

- Blues Revue Magazine

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Tough, gritty sound and songwriting that’s a cut above the standard … Blood & Treasure is another winner from Paul Mark.

- Graham Clark, Blues Bytes

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"Top 20 Blues CDs of 2006" [Trick Fiction]

- Hal Horowitz, Blues Festival Guide

"Top 10 Blues and Roots Releases of 2006.” [Trick Fiction]

- Richard Skelly, Asbury Park Press

"Top 20 Contemporary Blues Songs 2006" [Fritos, BBQ & Scotch]

- BluesCritic.com

"Sensational...If Trick Fiction has so far gone unnoticed outside the northeastern and eastern United States, that needs to quickly be corrected..."

- Blues Wax

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"Fritos, BBQ & Scotch, the searing opening track of Paul Mark & the Van Dorens' Trick Fiction, calls to mind the late, great Albert King, and grabs your attention...lt shows Mark to be a gifted songwriter and guitarist, with the right gritty voice to carry it all off "

- Blues in Britain

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"Trick Fiction, recorded in Memphis at Ardent Studios, is jam-packed with killer guitar and some of the coolest lyrics we've heard in quite some time!...A definite breath of fresh air on the blues scene, Paul Mark and the Van Dorens have hit it big with Trick Fiction."

- Sheryl and Don Crow, Music City Blues, Nashville TN

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"…A bluesy R&B set that feels as funky and spontaneous as [Memphis’] finest music… the performances [on Trick Fiction] are consistently inspired…Mark’s lyrics go places other blues-based artists just don't try... Mark knows his way around the guitar, and his understated approach is unusual for a six-string frontman.”

- Blues Revue Magazine

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"[Trick Fiction] is Blues/Roots at its best...The first track, Fritos, BBQ, & Scotch is even better sounding than its title...Paul Mark brings honest, gut-driven vocals to his original tunes and the Van Dorens stand behind him as solid as proverbial diamonds with a cutting edge to boot."

- Those Monday Blues, WWPV Radio

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"[Mark] reminds me of Frank Zappa...One of the best songs I ever heard about paranoia is “Conspiracy"...might be my favorite track on [Trick Fiction]...Mark and the whole band rock on the instrumental Stake Out...I will be on the lookout for this band"

- Boston Blues Society

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"Trick Fiction exemplifies what's good with modern Blues…a smoking, fine little platter from NYC…It churns and grooves and drives like a NY taxi driver on a mission"

- Long Island Blues Society 

"[Trick Fiction] is one grooving, rocking recording from start to finish."

- Alan Kurzer, Portfolio Weekly, VA Beach

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"On Trick Fiction Mark brings the heat...Mark and his group have always swung sexy...but what sets them apart on this record are Mark's stories, hipster view and turn of phrase."

- Frank De Blase, City, Rochester NY

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"Trick Fiction is roots rock with that deep soul vibe...While the Van Dorens play rough, ragged and relentless music that will get you on your feet, the real attraction is the wit and wisdom of singer/guitarist Paul Mark, who definitely mines seldom-explored veins with his original lyrics."

- Blues Bytes

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""...There is an arsenal of styles and stories from this road warrior. Mark’s storytelling lyrics hog the ear as does the meaty music, which ranges from rock/blues, rockin’ boogie, with a few ballads for good balance. Overall this is good rockin’ music without trite lyrics, from a guy with a very good roadhouse growl with rich toned geetah!"

- Blues Matters, U.K.

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"Main man Paul Mark is a cerebral blues rocker with real songwriting skills. Modern blues for the new millennium is what trips my trigger and these guys have .44-caliber ammo. Totally immersed in modern life with a wry (almost smirking) twist of a devious mind pretty much explains Paul Mark, the lyricist… A righteous 12 bar Blues, "Dead End Town," gives you a glimpse of what the band must be like at their storied club appearances… the crown jewel of [IndigoVertigo] is an explanation of his attraction to a no-class woman, facetiously titled 'Real Fine Mind.' If you don't bump along with this one you are too white bread for words… For an academic, this boy rocks."

- BluesWax Magazine

"On IndigoVertigo, careful attention to songwriting meets power-trio blues. New York's PM&VDs shy away from clichés and come up instead with compelling character studies and situational snapshots backed by contemporary, funky blues...Exciting vocals and big grooves complete the picture. Mark puts a fresh stamp on roots music."

- Blues Revue Magazine 

"The blues has become too derivative. It's a lampoon. But Paul Mark isn't mad about that, he's just a little sick and tired..."

- Frank De Blase, City Magazine, Rochester NY 

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""Mark's fans will do a double-take after hearing "Roadside Americana." Then they'll play it again...Reflective and introspective, [it's] clearly a labor of love. Those missing the ride will be doing themselves a disservice."

- Viginian-Pilot, Virginia Beach 


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