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Send an email to Paul Mark

Reach Paul Mark directly at Paul@PaulMark.com. This is Paul's private email account. He appreciates mail from real people and likes to send replies and keep in touch.

Paul does not do social media. Don't bother looking for him there.


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The direct email address for Radiation Records is RadRecords@PaulMark.com. All record company business stuff (bookings, publishing, sync rights, etc.) related to Paul Mark & the Van Dorens should be sent here.

Please don't send unsolicited recordings to Radiation Records, we're not looking for new artists at the moment




E-Press Kit - SonicBids 

Industry people seeking web-based press kit information should refer to the Paul Mark E-Press Kit on Sonicbids.

If you don't have access to Sonicbids send Rad Records a note and we'll forward you an E-press kit.




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