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IndigoVertigo (2002)
Paul Mark & the Van Dorens

(RDTN 5891)
Produced by Jeff Powell and Paul Mark
Recorded at Dockside Studios, Maurice, Louisiana





"Modern blues for the new millennium is what trips my trigger and these guys have .44-caliber ammo..."Dead End Town," gives you a glimpse of what the band must be like at their storied club appearances… the crown jewel of [IndigoVertigo] is titled 'Real Fine Mind.' If you don't bump along with this one you are too white bread for words"

- BluesWax Magazine 
"On IndigoVertigo, careful attention to songwriting meets power-trio blues. New York's PM&VDs shy away from clichés and come up instead with compelling character studies and situational snapshots backed by contemporary, funky blues...Exciting vocals and big grooves complete the picture. Mark puts a fresh stamp on roots music."
- Blues Revue Magazine 

Produced by Jeff Powell and Paul Mark and recorded in the swamps of Maurice LA, IndigoVertigo is a bayou-inspired rhythm fest from the twisted pen of PM! Check out da funk (Shakin' in My Head) and dip into the swamp (15 Minutes from Marie), a second-line show-stopper that would stand proud on the stage of any Mardi Gras barroom.

Who needs newspapers when you live in a Dead End Town? Impress your grad school girlfriend with She's Writing a Book. Or is it Real Fine Mind? And be sure to hear Pushing Papers, Counting Beans before you ask your boss for a raise. IndigoVertigo includes a cover of the Lennon/McCartney chestnut You Can't Do That ruffed up into an improbable Texas blues taunt.

IndigoVertigo combines the quirky appeal of Mark's lyrical vision with some of the "livest" sounding studio tracks you're ever likely to hear. With his trusty troup of raucous compatriots Mark has laid down a roots rock "band record" rich with humor, raw rhythm and staying power. 

James Strain - Bass
Joe Costello - Drums 
Jeff Levine
- Hammond organ
Susan Marshall, Jackie Johnson
 - Background vocals
P.Mark - Vocals,guitar



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