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Trick Fiction (2006)
Paul Mark & the Van Dorens

(RDTN 5899)

Produced by Paul Mark and Jeff Powell
Mixed by Paul Mark and Jeff Powell 
Recorded/mixed at Ardent Studios, Memphis TN
Assistant engineer: Adam Hill
Mastered by Scott Hull, NYC


"Sensational...If Trick Fiction has so far gone unnoticed outside the northeastern and eastern United States, that needs to quickly be corrected... Blues Wax (Read Full Article)

Forget the prefab corporate airbrushed sound of contemporary American “rock” music: Trick Fiction is the real deal, twanging, overdriven guitars over relentless grooves and some of the most distinctive blues lyrics written by anyone, anywhere. 

Trick Fiction contains 11 new songs by Paul Mark, including the instant swamp classic Big Glass Building, a sound solution to global warming. Included as well is the big-time blues lifestyle proclamation Fritos, BBQ & Scotch which Albert King might (repeat, might) smile over. And take a listen to the soulful instrumental groove of Stake Out, where Booker T meets Kenny Burrell. For those given to over-indulgence there’s the raucous, cautionary tale 30 Lbs. in 30 Days. A cover version of the Pomus/Shuman gem, Suspicion, takes a dark, late-night turn. And included here is a solo piano interlude, Small Heaven, that might be the best ballad Mark’s ever penned. 

But the final track, Riverside Diner, is where it all comes home, a raucous train on a righteous track towards salvation in a world that’s cast out its heroes and instead relies on the folly of fools. Trick Fiction ain’t for fools...It’s where the train STOPS. You dig MTV, American Idol and today's "rock" radio?? Find another CD, this ain't your thing...

James Strain - Bass
Dan Schnapp - Hammond organ, piano
Josh Wheeler - Drums
Susan Marshall, Jackie Johnson - Background vocals
P.Mark - Vocals, guitar, piano, bass, percussion


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