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-  C D  S I N G L E or  D O W N L O A D  S I N G L E  - 
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How Do the Blind Become
So Famous?
(P.Mark) ©Last Warning Music.

Disk version includes
Reputation Tango
(P.Mark) ©Last Warning Music.

Produced by Paul Mark

Recorded in New York City
Mixed by Paul Mark & Jeff Powell at Ardent Studios, Memphis TN
Mix engineer: Lucas Peterson
Mastered by Bruce Barielle, New Orleans

"Positively Vaudevillian…Mark seems entrapped in his storytelling, as if he is an indentured servant of the piano…As thoroughly dark Americana as something from the murky depths of a Lomax compilation."  

- Elmore Magazine

A deluxe issue CD single containing two prescient tracks from Paul Mark's Stowaways collection.   How Do the Blind Become So Famous? combines Brecht-ian angst with the futility of American politics, a vaudevillian cri de coeur lamenting the flight of sanity. Reputation Tango takes on the absurd rational of those who play along. Big fun from the stiletto pen of Paul Mark.

Just in time for 2017! Inauguration-ready tracks from Radiation Records.


Deluxe six-panel CD gatefold cover,
with liner notes.


Christian Howes, Eli Bishop, Greg Byers, Camille Howes - Strings
 - Vocals, piano, guitars, bass, harmonium.



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