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Stowaways (2015)
Paul Mark & the Van Dorens

Produced by Paul Mark

Recorded in New York City
Mixed by Paul Mark & Jeff Powell
at Ardent Studios, Memphis TN
Mix engineer: Lucas Peterson
Mastered by Bruce Barielle, New Orleans

Deluxe CD package includes slipcase and 
28-page hardcover book

You are in for the discovery of a lifetime…One listen to [Stowaways] and you’ll recognize more truth in a single song than in most other artist’s entire catalogues…Brave, bold, mysterious and so worth exploring.”                  - Greg Victor, Parc Bench (Read entire review)


Positively Vaudevillian…Mark [on Stowaways] seems entrapped in his storytelling, as if he is an indentured servant of the piano…As thoroughly dark Americana as something from the murky depths of a Lomax compilation.”        - Jake Tully, Elmore Magazine (Read entire review) 


A sentimental world-gone-mad portfolio, flaunting influences as far afield as Weimar cabaret, tin pan alley and after-hours combo jazz. Stowaways  is like the soundtrack from a forgotten noir masterpiece.

Piano ballads, wheezing cabaret oddities and honky tonk rants that slice through the midnight fog like bummed cigarettes and cut-rate bourbon. Stowaways is Paul Mark’s tenth CD release. His piano and acoustic bass playing sit front and center along with his signature saloon-weary vocals. A Salvation Army-ready string section lends street corner polish to the affair. 

Highlights includes originals How Do the Blind Become So Famous?Stowaways, and Bridge to Nowhere.

Deluxe packaging, extensive notes

Tess Primack's Broadway-sweet vocals mash-up ironically against Mark's on the barroom duet-ballad Once Upon a Weekend

The collection includes a startling cover of the Brecht/Weill opus Ballad of Mack the Knife which has next to nothing to do with Bobby Darin's '59 hit version.

The sweeping set closer Animal Cruelty is a lament for a lost companion - or maybe the cycle of of such loses - that confuse the human heart.  

Tess Primack - Duet vocals (Once Upon a Weekend)
Paul Vezelis - Drums
Christian Howes, Eli Bishop, Greg Byers, Camille Howes - Strings

P.Mark - Vocals, piano, acoustic bass, guitar, organ, harmonium, xylophone, melodica



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