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   Email - Radiation Records 

The direct email address for Radiation Records is RadRecords@PaulMark.com. All record company business stuff (bookings, publishing, sync rights, etc.) related to Paul Mark & the Van Dorens should be sent here.

Please don't send unsolicited recordings to Radiation Records, we're not looking for new artists at the moment



 Email - Paul Mark

Reach Paul Mark directly at Paul@PaulMark.com. This is his private email account. Paul appreciates mail from real people and makes an effort to send replies.





E-Press Kit - SonicBids 

Industry people seeking web-based press kit information should refer to the Paul Mark E-Press Kit on Sonicbids.

If you don't have access to Sonicbids send Rad Records a note and we'll forward you an E-press kit.



Paul Mark and Radiation Records do not use Facebook.  




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